Frequently Asked Questions About Strip Lashes

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We're always getting asked lots of questions about our false eyelash range. We hope the following answers help you 😊 Don't forget to send us an email with your questions!

Yes, strip lashes are entirely safe for use! Our strip lashes are made from synthetic materials, rather than animal hair. Synthetic materials tend to be less likely to cause an allergic reaction or irritation.

We recommend patch testing any lash glue we use if you’re prone to allergies. If you’re allergic to latex, we recommend using a latex-free glue. We always recommend Duo Lash Glue to apply strip lashes.

We’re proud to say that our strip lashes are faux-mink, they’re completely cruelty free and vegan.

Strip lashes will withstand some light water, i.e. tears and some rain. That being said, we don’t recommend swimming or showering when wearing strip lashes. Glue used to apply strip lashes, isn’t the same strength as glue used to apply lash extensions. We advise having lash extensions if you’re going to be swimming a lot.

If you struggle to wear mascara because of transfer, strip lashes may be a great alternative. You don’t necessarily need to wear mascara whilst wearing strip lashes, this is great for those who struggle with keeping makeup in place.

Yes they can! We estimate that your Snap Beauty Strip Lashes can be re-used up to 15 times! We recommend keeping your strip lashes clean in-between uses. The easiest way to do this is by gently getting the glue off using soap and water, or micellar water. Please use a soap that is safe for eyes to avoid further irritation.

When strip lashes are first applied, they may feel heavy and uncomfortable. Once you have had the lashes on for a few minutes, and gotten used to blinking again, the lashes should become comfortable and you’ll likely not be able to feel them.

Strip Lashes will not damage your natural eyelashes. When applied, we recommend placing your lashes above your lash line onto your eyelid (as close to your lash line as you can) to avoid any glue getting onto your natural lashes.

View the range of luxury strip lashes by Snap Beauty here.

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