Hybrid Strip Lash 06 FAQs

What are hybrid lashes?

Hybrid lashes are traditionally individual lash extensions that are a mix of classic and Russian lashes. They are a very popular choice of lash extension in beauty salons providing a textured and fuller appearance. Typically, hybrid strip lashes are designed to achieve a balance between the natural and voluminous looks, giving a more noticeable effect than classic lashes but not as dramatic as volume lashes.

They can however be quite costly, and require maintenance appointments every 2-3 weeks. Our hybrid strip lashes take away the commitment and high cost element! We're in love with our 06 lashes!

Can I reuse lash 06?

Yes of course! We designed our 06 lash to emulate russian or hybrid lash extensions. With that in mind, we thought our customers will likely want to re-use the lash as many times as possible! We designed our lash band to be sturdy, yet flexible and easy to apply. This allows our customers to use their lashes multiple times without suffering massive wear and tear.

How do I keep lash 06 in good condition?

We recommend avoiding using mascara with this particular lash style. The 06 is designed to be light and fluffy just like hybrid lash extensions. If you're applying lots of makeup to the lash it will clump and cause the synthetic hair to fall away from the lash band. We recommend using soap and water to clean the lash band and keeping your lashes in a safe place away from high heats.