Strip Lash 01 FAQs

I don't want a lash that is too heavy or thick, is Strip Lash 01 a good choice?

Yes, Strip Lash 01 is absolutely the lash for you! Makeup artists love our strip lash 01, particularly for their bridal clients. This lash defines the eye with its thick, yet lightweight band, and offers slight definition to a makeup look. It isn't the lash for you if you're wanting a heavy and dramatic lash.

Is Strip Lash 01 one of your most natural lashes?

It is indeed. We recommend this lash, or strip lash 04 if you want a natural lash.

Can I reuse Strip Lash 01?

Yes, you can. We recommend using micellar water to clean the lash band before your next use. We don't recommend using mascara on our lashes.