The Best Natural-Looking Strip Lashes

The Best Natural-Looking Strip Lashes

Strip eyelashes are great for helping make your eyes stand out. They can help make your eyes appear more open, perhaps more alert, not to mention ensure your eyes are the main focus of your face. Strip eyelashes have been the go-to choice for countless women since they came into popularity. It can be hard to find strip lashes that look natural enough that others wouldn't detect!

Natural looking strip lashes are a dream come true for anyone who wants to wear false eyelashes. They look very natural, they are easy to apply, they are easy to remove and they can be worn every day without the need of special care.

Natural looking strip lashes are also very popular among celebrities, who love to wear them on their red carpet appearances.

There are many brands that offer natural looking strip lashes. Snap Beauty Lashes have been created by makeup artists and beauticians to ensure we deliver lashes that our clients most commonly ask for.

So which are our favourite natural eyelashes?

It has to be Snap Beauty 01 Lashes! If you're looking for strip lashes that are so natural looking that people wouldn't detect aren't natural and don't look like they're fake, then these are the ones to get! They're not too thick or too thin, they're just right! They make your eyes look bigger and brighter. We have created these lashes with a relatively thin band so it doesn't irritate your eyes at all yet still creates a defined look.

These are our go-to eyelashes whenever we have clients (particularly brides) who want to amp up their makeup game but still want a natural look.

We can't possibly leave out Snap Beauty 05 Lashes!This tapered lash is designed to just add a little bit of volume to the ends of the eye. This will open the eye, as well as add some definition to the eye without it being overwhelming. This lash is particularly popular for those who are going on a night out who don't want a heavy eye-makeup look.

If you're after a barely there look, we definitely recommend taking a look at our half lashes. In particularly our 09 lashes. We have created this lash especially for first-timers who want to try something extremely subtle to add slight definition. 

If you've always wanted to try strip lashes, but were hesitant because of how unnatural they look, you're not alone. Strip lashes can sometimes look fake if you're picking the wrong type for your eye, it's important to find ones that are natural looking. We hope our recommendations help! View our collection here.

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