Strip Lash 02 FAQs

Is Strip Lash 02 a fluffy lash?

Yes it is 😍 Snap Beauty Strip Lash 02 is probably our most dramatic lash and the most fluffy. With varying lengths throughout the lash, 02 is giving the drama whilst still giving subtlety.

Do you recommend wearing mascara over the top of these strip lashes?

To put it bluntly, no we don't. Your lashes will last 10 times longer if you just apply mascara to your natural eyelashes first before applying the strip lash. If you apply mascara to the strip lash, it is like to clump. This will alter the appearance of the lashes in a likely negative way.

Do you recommend strip lash 02 for events?

Yes we do! Our strip lash 02 is perfect for bottomless brunches, parities, clubbing or a fancy date night! If you love a beautiful smoky eye, strip lash 02 is great for complementing your eye makeup look at weddings.