What is a Wispy Style of Strip Lash?

What is a Wispy Style of Strip Lash?

What is a wispy strip lash?

When it comes to eyelashes, there are many different types and styles. One of the most popular styles is wispy strip lashes. But what exactly do wispy lashes mean? With so many lash styles on the market, it often be very difficult to characterise what is exactly is classified as a wispy style.

Wispy lashes are a type of lash style that is characterised by its soft, feather-like appearance. They are much thinner than regular false eyelashes and often have a more natural look. They can be applied in a variety of ways, from individual clusters to full strips. The result is an eye-catching look that adds volume and length without being too dramatic or over-the-top.

Wispy lashes offer several benefits for those looking for a more natural look. For one, they are much more lightweight than traditional false eyelashes, making them comfortable to wear all day long. Additionally, they can be applied in different ways to create a variety of looks from subtle and natural to bold and dramatic. Finally, because they are so light and thin, they don’t weigh down your eyes or cause any discomfort when you blink or move your eyes around.

Which lashes from our collection do we recommend?

We recommend using our 04 lashes or our 05 lashes for a super wispy look. If you're a fan of a thinner band, our 04's will be preferential.

Wispy lashes are a great way to add subtle volume and length without being too over-the-top or dramatic. They offer several benefits such as being lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long as well as being able to create different looks depending on how they’re applied. With just a few simple steps you can easily achieve the perfect wispy lash look!

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