Which Snap Beauty Lashes are the Best for Bridal Makeup?

Which Snap Beauty Lashes are the Best for Bridal Makeup?

Did you know Snap Beauty Lashes have been used by some highly successful bridal makeup artists? Our lashes exude class and elegance, the perfect characteristics you want in your wedding day lashes. With this in mind, it's no wonder our lashes attract some hugely talented artists!

Which strip lashes have been used by which makeup artists? 

01 Strip Lashes 

makeup by Faye Neil, strip lash 01

The very highly talented Makeup by Faye Neill, based in Colchester in Essex created this beautifully simple, yet glam look complimented by our 01 lashes. 

A lot of brides want to enhance their eyes with lashes on their wedding day, however not completely overwhelm their eyes with a large lash. Our 01's are perfect for creating that added volume and glamour in a subtle and tasteful way. 

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02 Strip Lashes

The lovely Botias makeup created this stunning makeup using our 02 strip lashes. The fully and fluffy nature of our 02 lashes enhances this beautiful model's eyes to make her eye a feature of the look. This feminine and soft lash helps to create a liner effect, and open up the eye. This lash is particularly good for those with hooded eyes. 

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