Strip Lash 07 FAQs

Is the 07 lash full and fluffy?

The 07 is the definition of full and fluffy! If you're into full on glam when it comes to your eyes, you certainly need the 07 strip lash in your life. This lash has been designed, tried and tested by lash techs! We are passionate about bringing your the highest quality products.

Do I need to wear eye makeup with 07 lashes?

The 07 is glamorous enough that if you're not feeling wearing eye makeup, the lash will do the talking for you.
If however, you're a makeup fan, the 07 will certainly be the finishing touches to your look. This lash so versatile that whether you choose to have a stunning smoky eye, or a simple and classic eye makeup look, it will compliment the look and give the "wow" factor.

How many times can I re-use the 07 lash?

Providing you keep your 07 lash clean (we recommend using soapy water or micellar water and some cotton buds), we estimate that you're able to re-use the 07 lash up to 30 times! We recommend keeping the 07 lash in its box for the ultimate longevity.