5 reason to wear our strip lashes!

5 reason to wear our strip lashes!

Strip lashes are perfect if you have any insecurities with your eyes, our lashes will make you feel confident as they have the capabilities to enhance your eyes, make them more defined & make them appear wider. You can wear strip lashes with or without makeup, they are the perfect touch to your makeup look but can also look nice on their own. 

Applying strip lashes will eventually save you time on your makeup routine once you have mastered the application, at first it can take a while to get used but nothing a bit of practise can't handle. Our strip lashes will elevate your look, we have 9 different style of lashes so there will be a style perfect for you!

Our Snap strip lashes can be used up to 10 times as long as they are looked after, you can do this by using micellar water to remove any left over glue from the day & always make sure to place them back into the packaging they came in to ensure they keep their shape. 

Compared to salon treatments such as eyelash extensions, strip lashes are very affordable. Our snap lashes range from £8-£10.50 & they can be reused, not only are our lashes a bargain they are also 100% vegan & cruelty free meaning their suitable for everyone. 

Strip lashes come in multiple different styles & lengths, perfect for any look. If you like the look of lash extensions but don't have the patience to have this treatment we have Russian & Hybrid style strips! We also sell half lashes for the people who prefer a more subtle look.

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