Are strip lashes waterproof?

Are strip lashes waterproof?

Strip lashes can be water resistant but not necessarily waterproof, the difference between the two is that being water resistant means the lashes can handle a few light splashes but may not endure prolonged exposure to water whereas waterproof would mean your able too completely soak your lashes. 

While strip lashes are generally designed to withstand some water their durability can depend on various factors, this includes the quality of the lashes which our snap beauty lashes can be used up to 10 times making them excellent quality. The adhesive used can also play a part in this as if it's stronger glue the lashes are more likely to withstand water. 

It is essential to take into consideration that excessive exposure to water especially in chlorinated or saltwater pools this may break down the lash adhesive meaning your lashes will start to fall off, if you have been taking part in any water activities make sure to gently pat your strip lashes dry and then leave them to dry naturally. 

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