Are strip lashes safer than lash extensions?

Are strip lashes safer than lash extensions?

In a world of many different beauty enhancements, the look for the perfect lashes comes to a crossroad: strip lashes or lash extensions? Both options give off the same effect, but when it comes to safety, which reigns supreme? Let's go thru the pros and cons of both. 

Before we define the pros and cons lets get a better understanding off each ! 

Strip lashes are a temporary enhancement meaning you can take them off at the end of the day and re-use them when necessary. Strip lashes is consisting of synthetic or natural hairs that is attached to a thin strip, this is then applied with a small line of lash glue and placed onto your lash line.

Lash extensions are completely different , this involves attaching individual synthetic lashes to each natural individual eyelash using a semi-permanent glue. They provide a longer-lasting solution compared to strip lashes and are maintained with regular top-ups every 2-3 weeks so if you prefer a more permanent look lash extensions are for you. 

When it comes to safety there are several different factors to consider when it comes to strip lashes or lash extensions? Both strip lashes and lash extensions require adhesive for application. However, lash extensions adhesive can contain stronger chemicals such as cyanoacrylate, which can cause allergic reactions or irritation in sensitive individuals. Strip lashes, which can also contain these strong chemicals are usually less potent as they don't require the same level of up keep as lash extensions.

Lash extensions require the on going infills to replace the fallen lashes. This prolonged exposure to adhesive and may heighten the risk of allergic reaction or irritation over time. Strip lashes, as there temporary and easy to remove, allows for breaks between wears, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

So the pros of Strip Lashes, they are temporary and easy to apply and remove, there's minimal risk of infection or allergic reaction and are suitable for any occasion. And the cons of Strip Lashes is that there can require daily application, limited durability and may involve lifting and replacement during the day.

The pros of lash extensions, long lasting results, can customise styles and designs, minimal to no daily maintenance, and can withstand water activities. Cons , higher risk of infection or allergic reaction, professional application and up-keep and potential damage to natural lashes.    

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