Are half lashes comfortable?

Are half lashes comfortable?

Half lashes are strip lashes that have a shorter band which are focused on the outer half of your eye, they are the perfect way to add a slight bit of glamour to your routine, as they create the illusion that your natural lashes are thicker. 

The comfort of half lashes is due to them being generally lighter & thinner than your usual strip lash, opting for these lashes can help minimise any discomfort full strip lashes may cause. Proper sizing and placement of half lashes are crucial for comfort, another one of the benefits of half lashes is there is no need to trim them resulting in a stress free experience. 

Maintenance of strip lashes can also contribute to the overall comfort, our half lashes can be used up to 10 times as long as they are cleaned after every use to remove any adhesive & also placed back into the packaging they came in to keep them protected & In their shape. 

When applying lashes, be sure to take your time so that you have a seamless application also ensuring on comfort. If strip lashes are misplaced they can be itchy & uncomfortable especially if you have sensitive skin, which will be irritating and may put you off wearing them. 

At snap beauty we sell two different styles of half lash, our 08s is a fluffy and textured lash that will add the volume and length to your lashes , perfectly paired with a winged or cat eye look. Our 09s is best for those who want lashes to look glamorous but to also make them look super natural but noticeable. 

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