Can you get partial strip lashes?

Can you get partial strip lashes?

In the world of beauty and cosmetics, eyelashes play a crucial role in framing our eyes and enhancing our overall look. While many individuals are blessed with naturally long and voluminous lashes, others find themselves searching for alternatives, including partial lashes for example snap 08 and 09 half lashes.

Understanding partial lashes

Partial eyelashes, often known as half lashes, are designed to add length, volume and definition on top of your natural eyelashes. Unlike full strip lashes for example snap 05, partial lashes are strategically applied to the outer corners of your eyes to achieve a subtle but effective look.

The application technique

Strip lashes are pre-made bands of lashes that can be easily applied at home using your fingers or a set of tweezers and strip lash adhesive. Half lashes are applied to the outer corners of your eyes to give you a natural (snap 09) or dramatic (snap 08) effect depending on personal.

Considerations before getting half lashes

Some strip lash glues contain latex, be mindful of this when purchasing a lash glue. Thankfully, latex free glue is readily available, we recommend Duo quick set white/clear strip adhesive. You are able to purchase this glue with snap lashes.


There is little to no maintenance for partial/half lashes, we recommend to clean the lashes after every use to keep them in good condition so they are able to be worn several times. You can clean strip lashes with a cotton bud and make up remover.


All of our snap lashes are easy to apply at home without the assistance of a professional. Alternatively, find a loved-one or book a professional makeup artist to help apply your half lashes. 

The versatility of partial eyelashes

Partial eyelashes are incredibly versatile, we offer different styles to suit various occasions. From natural-looking lashes for daily wear (snap 09) to more dramatic options perfect for special events (snap 08), there’s a style to complement everybody. 

In the pursuit of mesmerising eyes, our half lashes stand as a popular choice for those seeking a temporary enhancement. When embracing the versatility of partial (aka half) lashes, you are able to effortlessly elevate your eye make up game and add instant definition to the eyes without a lot of technical skill and effort. Don't forget you're able to shop our half lash bundles! 

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