Strip lashes - A makeup artist's essential

Strip lashes - A makeup artist's essential

In the ever evolving realm of beauty, makeup artists continually seek tools and products that enhance their craft, and one item that stands out in a makeup artist's kit is strip lashes. These versatile lash enhancements have become a staple for makeup artists worldwide, adding flair, drama, and transformative power to any look. Our strip lashes are quickly gaining popularity among makeup artists

Strip lashes offer a quick and effective way to elevate any makeup look. Whether its a natural enhancement for everyday wear or a bold, dramatic statement for special occasion, strip lashes provide instant glamour without the time consuming application associated with individual lashes.

We have created our range of lashes from the perspective that makeup artists appreciate the vast array of strip lash styles. From natural and wispy to voluminous and bold, we have a strip lash for every client and every desired effect. This versatility allows artists to customise looks based on individual preferences and the specific requirements of different occasions.

In the fast paced world of professional makeup artistry, time is of the essence.  Strip lashes can be applied more efficiently than individual lashes, making them a go to choice for artists working in various settings, such as fashion shows, photo shoots or time sensitive events like weddings. This time efficiency enables artists to deliver stunning results without compromising on precision. 

We always pledge to offer consistent quality in our strip lashes, we believe this reliability ensures that makeup artists can trust the product to deliver the desired effect every time. We always acknowledge consistency in quality is crucial for artists who need to rely on their tools to create flawless looks for clients. 

Our strip lashes have rightfully earned their place as a makeup artists must have. Our lash range has a plethera of variety that aims to provide versatility to makeup artists and their kits. Snap Beauty strip lashes offer a range of benefits that contribute to the success and artistry of makeup professionals. 

Take a look at some popular makeup artists that have enjoyed using Snap Beauty's strip lash range: Makeup by Faye Neill  frequently uses our strip lashes to create timeless and elegant bridal makeup looks. Makeup by Jaimie Attfield has created a beautiful bridal makeup look using our 04's on the end of her model's lashes. 
Watch this space, our strip lash range is set to grow and offer more strip lashes that will be popular with bridal makeup artists. 

If you are a makeup artist, don't forget we have two offers that you may like. When you buy 10 lashes, you will automatically get 30% off your lash order. If you buy 20 lashes, you will automatically get 40% off! This discount is well worth taking advantage of to stock up your kit. 



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