Can you re-use false lashes?

Can you re-use false lashes?

The answer is yes you can! Our snap beauty lashes can be reused up to 10 times, with proper care and maintenance you can extend the lifespan of your strip lashes. To make sure that your strip lashes last as long a possible there are a few things you need to consider, this will include the proper removal technique, how to clean your lashes and how to store them properly.

When applying your strip lashes make sure not to apply too much adhesive as this will affect how seamlessly the lashes ahead to your eyelid. Using excess glue will cause a build up of glue and may be harder to remove. This could damage or rip the lash band, meaning you won't be able to use them again.  

The removal process should start by gently peeling the lashes from the outer corner working your way towards the inner corner, this will ensure you don't separate any lashes from the lash band. 

Once you have removed your strip lashes, use makeup remover or micellar water on a cotton bud to help dissolve any excess adhesive. This ensures the removal process is smoother, as well as prevents damage to the lashes.

After your lashes have been cleaned and are completely dry, simply place your strip lashes back in the packaging they came in. Keeping them in their original position will ensure their shape is kept in tact, ready for the next use.

If you follow these steps you will be sure to get good use out of our strip lashes. We are proud to say we vigorously test our lashes on multiple people and scenarios to ensure we can confidently release high-quality lashes. 

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