What are Half Lashes?

What are Half Lashes?

Trends within the beauty industry are constantly changing as our industry grows and evolves, and lashes are no exception to the rule! 

Within the last year, we have seen makeup trends pivot to bring "MOB wife" aesthetic to the forefront of Tik Tok and instagrams makeup based content creators. Half Lashes are a perfect addition to this current trend to create that winged cat eye.

Half lashes aren't just good for creating that MOB wife aesthetic, If you struggle with application when it comes to strip lashes, half lashes may be something you're interested in. For those who find applying full strip lashes challenging, half lashes offer a more manageable alternative. The shorter length and focus on the outer corners make them easier to apply, even for beginners. This user-friendly feature makes half lashes accessible to beauty enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Half lashes are designed to add a touch of length and volume to the outer corners of your eyes. Unlike full strip lashes, which cover the entire lash line, half lashes focus purely on the outer half. This provides a more natural look, making them ideal for those who prefer a subtle enhancement. Our 09 lashes are perfect for bringing subtlety to your glam, our makeup artist customers tell us that they're a firm favourite among Mother of the Bride clients! 

Our eyes come in various shapes and sizes, and half lashes cater to this diversity. They are versatile enough to complement different eye shapes, whether you have almond, round, or hooded eyes. By placing emphasis on the outer corners, half lashes can enhance and define your eye shape, creating a captivating effect.

Half lashes seamlessly blend with your natural lashes, making them hard to detect. You will undoubtedly have your friends and family guessing! This blending is crucial for achieving a flawless look, ensuring that your enhanced lashes appear effortlessly integrated with your own.

Whether you're a beauty novice or a professional artist, consider incorporating half lashes into your collection to elevate your eye makeup looks, and don't forget to tag us in your MOB Wife looks! 

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