How long do strip lashes last?

How long do strip lashes last?

Strip lashes are reusable, making them very affordable & convenient for most but how long they last is up to many factors. One of the most important things about the longevity of the lashes comes from how they are cared for, even though they are made up of good quality material strip lashes still need maintenance.

Strip lashes must be cleaned after every use as the build up of glue, dirt & makeup can effect the longevity of the lashes. Cleaning strip lashes is so straight forward, using a makeup remover or micellar water will help to gently remove anything left on the lashes, they should then be placed back into the packaging to assure they don't get damaged & they keep their shape. 

Daily use may also result in more wear & tear on the lashes, reducing how long they last. Switching up the style or rotating between multiple pairs, will extend their lifespan as it gives each pair time to rest & retain their shape.

Here at snap beauty we have a wide choice of different styles, ranging from Russian & hybrid style lashes to half lashes. Altogether we have 10 different styles meaning there is a wide range to choose from, they can also be used up to 10 times! If you would like too take a look at our lashes click here. 



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