Why are Russian Strip lashes so popular?

Why are Russian Strip lashes so popular?

In the world of lashes and beauty, there's always trends going around, but one trend that grabs beauty enthusiasts recently has been strip lashes, especially Russian strip lashes.And the way these luxurious and voluminous lash extensions add a touch of glam to any makeup routine.

Russian strip lashes are well known  for their dramatic volume and fullness, creating that bold statement to any makeup look. Regular strip lashes that give a natural and subtle look, Russian lashes are small-fine lashes that are closely packed together to create that bold and dramatic lash that gives a touch of glam. Russian lashes are very popular for their lightweight design, making them extremely comfortable for a long period of time.The lightweight fibres that are formed to create the lash, seamlessly blend with your natural lashes to create that perfect look. 

One of the popular traits Russian Lashes have is their customisable volume. Unlike other strip lashes, which have one thickness throughout, Russian lashes have a variety of lengths and densities along the lash band. Allowing for more of a multidimensional effect, with the ability to personalise the lash to your desire. Whereas Russian lashes are extremely lightweight they definitely have the fullness. With their dense and layered design, they give a glamorous and dramatic appearance. Whether your looking to add a bit of glam or flutter to your makeup look, Russian Lashes are very versatile and the new new way to go. 

Quality is extremely important when it comes to lash extensions. Made from high-quality materials and designed for everyday wear, these lashes boast exceptional durability, making sure they maintain their shape and integrity over time. With the proper care and maintain, Russian lashes can last for weeks ensuring the confidence and beauty lasts. 

At Snap Beauty we have a variety of different styles of Russian Strip Lashes. Our 07 lashes are perfect for those who love the curly and fluffy look, it's the perfect look for those who love there Russian lash extension look but not so much the price tag.And our 06 lashes are slightly less full and fluffy then our 07's but are designed to give that natural-looking volume but with added length. 

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