Is brow lamination high maintenance?

Is brow lamination high maintenance?

Brow lamination also referred to as Brow sculpt is a beauty treatment that restructures your brow hairs, by using solutions that break down the bonds in the hairs so we are able to reshape your brows.

Brow lamination is a low maintenance treatment, as you wont need to have them redone for 6-8 weeks, while brow lamination can provide a polished look with minimal daily effort it does require some upkeep. 

After having this treatment it is required to avoid getting them wet for at least 24 hours as the product as this could interfere with the lamination process and cause them to not set property so this mean avoiding pools, steam rooms, & washing the face directly around the brow area. 

Applying a oil or serum daily to keep the brows hydrated will help maintain the lamination & prevent the hairs from becoming dry or brittle, also to keep the brows looking their best & to ensure they keep their shape we recommend to style them daily with a brow glue/gel. 

Ultimately, brow lamination offers a relatively low maintenance solution for achieving fuller looking brows that last for weeks. With proper aftercare & minimal daily effort this treatment could be the perfect option for you!

Here at snap beauty we use our own solutions that allow us to carry out a safe but quick treatment. These will be coming soon to our website & will be available to purchase these here. 

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